Social Media Management

We run your social accounts so you don’t have to.  In the modern world, social media is becoming more and more important every day, but it can be a lot to take on. Constantly responding to customers, running promotions, and creating fresh content can feel like a full-time job. Luckily, our social media management services cover all of these vital practices, so you can spend your valuable time elsewhere. 

How to Grow An Audience

The days of yellow pages and newspaper listings are behind us, and a new era of promotion has fully come into force. People young and old are looking to social media to find the products, businesses, and companies that speak to them. With a great social media presence, you can grow your audience exponentially. 

We analyze trends to create relevant content that will help to build your customer base from the ground up, along with actively monitoring your messaging channels to ensure that you maintain a trusting relationship with your existing clients. 

Use our services to build and maintain your profile and audience. 

Process Overview



We look at trends across social media platforms to build you a comprehensive plan for posts and content. 



Then, we begin gathering data and materials to help craft the content, so you’ll have plenty of great stuff to release to your followers. 



Now we put all that hard work into practice, creating and releasing the perfect posts to represent and grow your brand. 

What to Expect

I was so hesitant to use a marketing agency to run my Instagram. My partner and I worked so hard to get to 2,500 followers. After signing up for the “influencer” package with Optix, we knew they were someone we could trust from the jump. After putting together a comprehensive strategy they got to work. We went with their highest package which included daily posts and reels. After four months all I can say is wow. Our Instagram is at a new level and now stands at almost 3,300 followers! 


Joe Vivolo

Lux Auto Detailing 

Marlboro, NJ

Content Content Content

We work as a comprehensive social media content creator, doing our due diligence in researching trends and common themes across platforms before curating excellent original images, videos, and written posts to showcase the best things about your brand. 

Lux Auto

Social Media Case Study

The team at Lux Auto Detailing was too busy getting their hands dirty to handle the demands of social media. That’s where we came in, creating content and answering their messages so they could focus on the physical business. 

The Final Product

We’ve managed a consistent posting schedule for Lux Auto Detailing so that their social media pages are active, stay relevant in the feeds of their followers, and gain traction amongst new potential customers. 


 Lux Auto

Don’t let your business get lost in the algorithm. Stay on top of social media to stay on top of your game. 

You deserve to be at the forefront of your customer’s minds, and the best way to do that is to stay at the forefront of their feeds. 

With our services, you can ensure that your business remains relevant in the eyes of an ever-growing client base. 

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